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Cubby houses for creative kids

Imagine your kid's face once they set their eyes on their very own cubby house safely installed in their backyard. Cubby houses are designed to provide a space for your child to have many years of fun with imaginative and creative play. Available in a range of styles, cubby houses also look adorable in your backyard.

Cubby houses are a great place for children to learn to socialise and develop. Whether they are with others or on their own, they will stretch their imaginations by acting out new roles and situations. Having an inviting place to play in makes it easy to get friends over to create favourite memories with.

Owning a cubby house encourages your kids to run and jump around. Being free of electronic distractions, kids are free to become creative while playing with their outdoor toys.

Cubby houses come in an array of shapes and sizes and you should ensure you choose one that fits in the space you have. From cottages, log cabins, and houses, to forts and castles, there is a huge choice available that the kids will love.

Many cubby houses are wooden, which are sturdy and long-lasting. Timber forts are available in natural-looking log cabins and brightly painted styles.

Pick a cubby to suit your child's interests. You can find cubby houses with extra items and accessories such as an outdoor slide, swings, a fireman pole, cargo net, or even monkey bars or a climbing wall. Perhaps you will inspire the next top rock climber of Australia.

There's no reason your cubby can't be used throughout the entire year. If this is what you are after, consider the materials used in the construction so that your children can stay cool in the summer and dry in the winter.