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Decorative Cuckoo Clocks

Who hasn't, at some point in their lives, wished for a cuckoo clock? They're an iconic piece of timekeeping that has fascinated many a child learning to tell the time, and adult just passing time and counting the swing of the pendulums while waiting for the bird to pop and sing. Whether you're a collector of clocks or finally fulfilling that desire to own one, decorative cuckoo clocks are available with traditional and contemporary designs and mechanisms.

Origins of Cuckoo Clocks

Where, when and who actually invented the first cuckoo clock is a little uncertain, and said to be debated between folks in Switzerland and Germany in much the same neighbourly way as who created the pavlova is between Aussies and Kiwis. Either way, the finest traditional style cuckoo clocks out of this area in Europe feature the best of both countries: the wood for Black Forest antique clocks from the region of the same name in Germany, and the precision and accuracy of Swiss clock making traditions.

Traditional Cuckoo Clock Designs

There are two predominant designs of traditional cuckoo clocks. Always using wood, one type features delicate and ornate exterior carvings or painted decorations of trees, leaves, birds and forest animals with the cuckoo popping out through the foliage on the hour. The other is usually a chalet or house design, with the cuckoo making an appearance through little window or attic style door. Collectors may focus on one or both types. If you're looking for a wall clock for your home, choose a stain or type of wood to complement your existing furniture and decor.

Contemporary Cuckoo Clock Designs

Modern cuckoo clocks come in many shapes and forms, with designers adapting the clock and cuckoo housing to match current trends and fashions in interior designs. Cuckoo clocks produced specifically for the tourist market often include steins and figurines of people in traditional Swiss and German clothing. Modern takes on cuckoo clocks include simple clean designs just for kids, and straight-line birdhouse styles and geometric shapes, all within the scope of collectable clocks.

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