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Curling Irons and Wands With Adjustable Heat Settings

Not everyone is born with beautiful curls and ringlets. However, getting them is easy thanks to curling irons and wands with adjustable heat settings. These tools make customising your curls simple, and you don't have to worry about heat damage as you can tweak the temperature to ensure it's hot enough to create curls, but cool enough to keep your hair and head protected. There are many brands and designs available when it comes to choosing curling irons.

Curling Irons

All curling irons perform the same basic function; to add waves and curls to your hair. However, they are not made alike. Ceramic curling irons and wands with adjustable heat settings use negative ions to smooth hair and eliminate damage. Ceramic and tourmaline curling irons are the safest for hair, and if you use irons frequently, consider these materials, but in any case, any coated iron is better than a basic metal design. Smaller barrels create tighter curls, while bigger barrels make larger, looser waves. A built-in clip holds your hair in place as it curls it. Some brands to consider include Remington and Vidal Sassoon.

Curling Wands

A curling wand is a different tool from curling irons. Whereas irons have a tong design that clips your hair onto the barrel, wants don't have that addition, so you simply wind the hair around the wand and hold it in place as you curl. There isn't a major difference between the two tools, save for the fact that irons create more polished, tighter curls, and wands produce a looser, more natural look. You have to hold each tool differently, so using a wand can take some getting used to. As with irons, they come in different sizes, and brands like ghd are known for high quality tools.


Get one tool that does it all when you choose a multi-tasking iron. All hair types ceramic curling irons and wands with adjustable heat settings come in a variety of designs. Choose an iron with interchangeable barrels, such as the muk Curl Stick, which comes with six barrels of different sizes to create all different types of curls. Other options, such as the Silver Bullet Triple Curler, come with three barrels for several basic curl sizes. These are fun to use if you use an iron often and desire different looks each time.

Accessories and Additions

When you use a curling wand as opposed to an iron, you'll need a heat-resistant glove so your hands don't get burned as you curl your hair. You may want a pouch to store additional barrels, clips, and curling iron mats, which sit underneath your iron so you don't burn your bathroom counter while you style. Use protectant spray before you curl to seal your ends and minimise any heat damage, and you may want to secure your style with hairspray once you create the perfectly curled coif.

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