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Tracks are one of the curtain and blind accessories that tend to need replacement after extended periods of use. Heavy use and environmental factors can begin to take a toll on tracks that lead to them becoming faulty. There are various options on the market to consider to get curtain and blinds working efficiently once again.

Track Components

While the uses for tracks made for curtains and blinds may be slightly different, the designs are typically made up of the same components. If one of the components stops working properly, it can cause the entire system to falter. The three main components in track systems include the hooks, carriers and end stops. Track hooks hold the hook for blinds or curtains in place. The carrier moves the window covering in a forward or backward motion, while the end stops cause the movement of the window covering to cease when the end of the track is reached.

Corded Tracks

Corded tracks are typically used for curtains and blinds that have extremely long rails. This type of track comes in both plastic and metal options and is ideally suited for use with heavy window coverings. Some heavy or long window coverings may require that the track is split drawn, so that separate cords are at both ends of the rail. Split drawn tracks help to remove stress from mechanisms because each side of the window covering uses a separate cord system to open and close the blind or curtain. This track type may also include overlapping arms that help to draw the window coverings closely together at the centre to minimise the risk of unsightly gaps.

Uncorded Tracks

Another style is the uncorded track, which requires the use of manual operation in order to open or close window coverings. This type of system has an uncomplicated design that is typically durable and less exy than others. Uncorded tracks are available in both metal and plastic, and often come with hardware, like brackets and curtain gliders, that meet the requirements for specific window sizes.

Extendable Tracks

Extendable tracks are a very versatile system that comes in an assortment of lengths. Extendable tracks give users the ability to modify the length to fit a specific window size without the need to cut down any of the track or window covering components. These types are most often made from metal and are available in various colours. For added convenience to the user, these extendable tracks also come in both corded and uncorded varieties.

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