Curtain tiebacks for a touch of luxury

Room decoration isnt rocket science, anyone can make a cracking job of it with a bit of time and effort, and of course the right curtain accessories. One of the best ways to add a bit of sophistication to any room is the addition of curtain tiebacks, which will really set off your room.

Curtain holdbacks and your home

Curtain tiebacks attach to your wall or wainscoting and loop around your drapes or curtains when they are in their open position. Not only does this allow more light into the room and keep the skirts of longer curtains out of the way, it provides a lovely, elegant touch to the room.

Curtain tiebacks are a personal taste, so depending on whether you are looking to achieve a contemporary or traditional style in your home, theres something for every type of interior décor.

Types of curtain tiebacks

Curtain tiebacks come in several varieties, and each is best suited to different spaces, colours, and decorating schemes.

Rope tiebacks, for example, are extremely versatile. They are just as suitable in a modern, minimalist décor as they are holding back antique drapes at a formal dining room window. Often homes by the seaside will use this style to embrace the nautical theme.

Tassel tiebacks are much more formal and are better suited to spaces that are already decorated in a detailed, luxurious fashion. Metal ties and curtain hooks are popular in a retro fashion, or in any quaint space, such as a study or den. Wooden curtain tiebacks are suited to many of the same types of décor.

Glass or crystal topped curtain hooks are always popular and can be either stunning or subtle depending on their size and the room around them. The only important thing is that you select a type of window holdback that appeals to your personal sense of style and complements your home.