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Curtain Rings

Buying curtain and blind accessories can be extremely difficult, especially if you don’t know exactly what you want. Basic curtain rings are usually very cheap, but they often don’t look very good and won’t last for very long. If you want some sort of quality in your curtain rings, consider going for slightly more expensive options, whose designs revolve around a particular look.

Choosing Your Curtain Rings

Choosing the right curtain rings comes down to a number of factors. First, personal preference plays a big part. Basically, you should choose the rings that appeal to you; after all, it is your house! Curtain rings come in a number of different styles, and can come from many different materials. The two most common are metal and wood, with wooden rings presenting a stylish, unique option. Make sure that you match your curtain rings to your home and to the curtains that you are going to be hanging. Think about their colour, any design features they have and their size.

Curtain Hooks

You also need to look closely at what sort of curtains you have. Some curtains will require you to use curtain hooks before you can hang them. Others will be ready to hang, and can be hooked straight onto the rings.

Curtain Rods

Make sure that you choose curtain rings that match your curtain rods. Ideally, you would buy your curtain rings and rod together so that you know that they will match. However, if you can’t do this, then choose carefully to make sure that they don’t look awkwardly out of place. Match the colour of the curtain rod and rings, and try and match your new rings with any existing ones. The other thing to think about is the size of the curtain rings and rod; make sure you buy the right size rings for the rod you have.

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