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The Basics of Cut-Off Wheels

A lot of manual cutting applications require for a hand-held cutting wheel. A few examples of what can be completed using cut-off wheels are cutting sheet metals, scaling a piece of assemblage, sizing out a weld to reconstruct it, and cutting and cleaving-in pipelines. Metal cut off wheels are a favoured selection to accomplish these kinds of cuts because they provide portability and allow you to cut in several various angles and orientations. A bonding agent holds the cutting disc together so it can cut more efficiently. The bond wears down as the grinding grains are removed so that new sharp grains are uncovered.

Safety Tips When Using Cut-off Wheels

In addition to noting the importance of classifications of RPM rating, its sizes and material, one must also follow these safety tips when using cutting wheels. Use a grinder cut off wheel at a 90-degree angle in upright position to the work surface. Use the proper amount of pressure so that the cutting wheel will do the work. Constantly avoid pushing the cutting wheel too much because it can cause the grinder to hinder, kick back or give you a much lessened effective cutting motion. It will also increase the possibility that you will slip or lose control of the equipment which will likely cause you injuries.

Choosing a Grinder

Choose a bench grinder with the best torque available for the application because it will help the wheel to do more work. Choose equipment that provides fast, constant cutting, which usually gives the most effective performance. Remember that the thinner the cutting wheel, the more vulnerable it can be to side loading. Side loading is when the wheel bends while going side to side in the cut. This is very hazardous if you will lean too much on a wheel because it can cause the wheel to break or jam during the cut. It will also lessen the effectiveness of the wheel and increase the cutting time.

Cleaning the Cutting Wheel

Keep the wheel in a clean and dry place and avoid placing it in mud or water. This will help lessen environmental effects that will reduce its performance or cause it to crack or wear out too early. Inspect the wheel before every use to scan for signs of damage or wear. For example, aluminium cutting disc can become harder to control once they wear down. If you can no longer make a secure cut because the wheel is thin, then the top choice of action is to replace it.

Choosing Your Cutting Wheel Consumable

There is a huge selection of cutting wheels for your preferences. For example, one can get the 5" 125mm cutting discs wheel thin angle grinder cut-off metal steel flap or the 50 x 100mm 4" cutting disc wheels thin metal cut-off flap steel angle grinder.

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