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Cycling clothing to keep you moving

When you're putting in the hard yards on your bicycle, having the right clothing is important so you can focus on your performance, and not on constantly adjusting your shorts. Find all the essentials to suit your goals including base layers, t-shirts, helmets, and reflective gear.

Biking shorts for comfort and cycling performance

Cycling shorts are made of a quick dry material that takes the sweat away from your skin, which is super important in the heat of Australia. Cycling shorts are fitted with padding, also known as a chamois, to help save you from saddle sores.

Choose from standard waist shorts and bib shorts, depending on your level and preferences. Bib shorts have straps which sit over your shoulders to keep your shorts up. Your lower back will thank you, as your skin remains protected from the sun and cold. Also, you won't have an annoying waistband digging into your waist. The only drawback is that it can be a hassle getting undressed when you need to go to the bathroom. During winter, you can pair your bib shorts with leg warmers, or opt for full-length styles.
Also, it's not all about the lycra. Mountain bikers can find loose-fitting shorts for their off-roading adventures too.

Protective cycling gloves

Wearing cycling gloves while you're on your bicycle is not just about keeping your hands warm. Padding helps prevent blisters, and grippy material helps you hang onto the handlebars. In the case of a fall, your palms are less likely to suffer painful grazes. Some gloves also offer a snot patch, which is a soft piece of material on the back of your thumb that you can use to wipe away sweat or snot. Available in full-finger and fingerless styles, you can find the perfect gloves for your road bike, mountain bike, or motorcycle adventures.

Cycling jackets

Quick-dry jackets and jerseys are available in long and short-sleeved styles. Lightweight and breathable men's and women's jackets can be found in plain black, or funky colourful designs to help you be seen by other road users.

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