Cycling Gloves

Cycling Gloves

Your legs might be doing most of the work when out on a cycling session but you’d be surprised how much of a beating your palms and hands can take after a hard day’s riding. This is where cycling gloves come in. Gloves give your hands a helpful second skin that prevents blisters and eventual callouses.


Many brands that sell cycling clothing are likely to have cycling gear available too. Fox Racing cycling gloves provide a variety of glove designs you can choose from and are available in striking colour combinations that set you apart from other riders. Some gloves, such as Castelli cycling gloves, feature interesting designs like the Aero Speed Glove, which is an open glove that covers the pinky to the middle finger separately from the index finger for increased aerodynamics.

Mountain or Road

The choice of glove design depends on where you are cycling. For instance, mountain bikers might appreciate thicker padding in their gloves for more comfort when braving the rough mountain trails. Distance cyclists may prefer those with lighter, more breathable materials for better cooling and weight reduction. Motocross riders generally want armour covering their knuckles in case of a bad fall.


Other gloves combine different materials and textiles to achieve unique textures that may attract cyclists. Some use rubber materials to mimic reptile scales, while others use leather at some spots in the exterior to add protection and style. Others employ light materials that emphasize flexibility for better comfort and breathability.


Coupled with interesting textures are the varying designs of cycling gloves in the market. There are open gloves that expose the fingers for better tactile feel as well as closed, full coverage gloves that use grippy material in the palm side to improve handling and grip.