Cycling Helmets and Protective Gear  

Cycling helmets have become the norm for cyclists in the past decades, and even though all of them have the same purpose of protecting your head in the event of an accident, they vary considerably when it comes to fit, ventilation, material and weight. Whether you are looking for cycling protective gear for adults or children, it's important to consider the way you ride before making a choice.   

Bike Helmets    

The fit of a helmet is essential because a model that is too large may not offer you the level of protection you want, whereas one that is too small may be uncomfortable. Consider the circumference of your head as well as the shape of the helmet to determine the best fit for you. The helmet should be snug, but not too tight.   

Cycling Protective Gear   

Besides helmets, you can opt for extra protective cycling equipment to keep you out of harm's way when riding. Protection knee guards safeguard your knees in the event of a crash, while elbow and forearm guards do the same for your upper limbs. Other sporting goods like goggles are ideal for riding in windy or rainy conditions, whereas a neck roll comes in handy for junior riders.