Specialist Cycling Shoes and Shoe Covers

Leisure cyclists and those who cycle infrequently will have no problem wearing regular sporting shoes or trainers while cycling. On the other hand, more serious cyclists will find that investing in a pair of cycling shoes can greatly increase their speed, cycling efficiency and comfort while riding. A huge range of women's cycling shoes and men's cycling shoes are on offer, providing options for every type of cyclist.

Different Types of Cycling Shoes

There are three different types of cycling shoes on the market. Mountain bike cycling shoes resemble trainers or gym shoes and have a recessed cleat, which is the part that affixes the sole of the shoe to the bicycle pedal. This makes mountain bike cycling shoes a versatile option for those who would like to get additional off-bike use out of their cycling shoes. Road cycling shoes worn by racing cyclists are noticeably stiffer than mountain bike cycling shoes and the available designs and treads vary enormously. Indoor cycling shoes, useful for spinning, are a hybrid, with separate detachable clips for attaching to the cycle pedals.

Cycling Shoe Protective Covers

You may have the perfect pair of cycling shoes, but when wet weather hits you will need an extra level of protection. Rain shoe covers, also known as cycling overshoes, are a range of waterproof shoe covers that keep your feet dry and warm while protecting your specialist cycling shoes in the rain. Even if it isn't raining, cycling shoe covers can protect your feet – and your cycling shoes – from the inevitable spray caused by puddles and muddy surfaces.

Top it Off With Toe Covers

As the name suggests, toe covers cover simply the toe area, leaving the rest of the cycling shoe exposed. Designed to keep the toes warm, toe covers can also be worn underneath regular cycling shoe covers for added protection in extreme weather conditions.