Popular D-Link Products

Rely on D-Link network routers and adapters for superior home connections   

Founded in 1986 before changing its name and becoming a publicly traded company in 1994, D-Link is now firmly established as a global leader in the networking and communications hardware market. D-Link targets the consumer sector with products including wireless and broadband devices and digital home devices such as data storage, media players and surveillance cameras, while the brand’s business line is based on products like switches, firewalls, storage area networks (SAN) and enterprise wireless networks.   

D-Link home network routers  

If you have an existing ADSL modem or cable modem, or an NBN connection, D-Link has the right router or modem router for you. The broad range of D-Link home network wireless routers on eBay includes dual band, ADSL and 3G options for achieving high-speed wireless connections that support the entire household. To set up a completely secure network offering high-speed wired connections for multiple PCs and other devices, consider a D-Link dual band modem router – an ideal solution for local area network (LAN) gaming, high-definition (HD) video streaming and similar applications.   

D-Link USB Wi-Fi network adapters   

Looking for a convenient and portable Wi-Fi solution? Check out eBay to see a variety of D-Link USB Wi-Fi network adapters and dongles that help reduce Wi-Fi interference and allow you to maximise throughput for a superior online experience every single time. Choose a USB Wi-Fi adapter to enjoy better quality video chatting and web browsing on your desktop PC or laptop.   

D-Link home security cameras   

D-Link also supplies important products across the electronics field. Enjoy peace of mind throughput the year by setting up a D-Link home security camera that offers motion and sound detection, built-in IR LEDs to capture video in darkness, and even a MicroSD card slot to back-up recorded video and images to a flash card.   

Don’t settle for anything less than a reliable digital networking system. Visit eBay now and get a D-Link device for your home.