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DAC Audio Amplifiers

A DAC is a digital-to-analogue converter that can transform digital audio information into an analogue audio signal that can be sent to audio headphone amplifiers. While they were once necessary in only a few instances, with the rise in digital technology, they have become a fundamental element and are built into computers, tablets and smartphones. DAC amplifiers enable you to listen to digital music through an analogue signal that is audible to the human ear, and they come in different options depending on your listening preferences.

Jitter Issues

While most digital devices have in-built DACs and amps, these are not always of the best quality, and digital timing errors known as "jitters" can result in poor performance. Jitters occur when a digital signal has to travel around a circuit board and can increase if the signal is being transferred between two devices. A high-quality DAC amplifier will reduce this issue to create a much cleaner sound with less distortion that is closer to the actual reproduction of the music.

Tube Amplifiers

Tube amplifiers use vacuum tubes to increase the amplitude or power of a signal and, despite being largely replaced by solid-state amplifiers in the 1960s and '70s, their sound is still preferred by many. They offer a full-bodied sound and roundness that can't be equalled by solid stage amplifiers, but they can be less forgiving when it comes to mismatches and need to be paired with the right speaker.

Solid-State Amplifiers

Solid-state amplifiers arrived in the late 1960s and were picked up by many guitarists for their richness of sound. They are (watt for watt) generally cheaper and lighter in weight than tube amplifiers and can be more reliable in their performance. They tend to be more forgiving when it comes to matching the right speakers and also have less distortion when replicating the accuracy of the original sound.

Integrated Amplifiers With Bluetooth

State-of-the-art integrated amplifiers combine a digital-to-analogue converter with Bluetooth technology that allows you to stream music wirelessly from any enabled device. Take advantage of apps that enable you to control the functions on these audio amplifiers via your smartphone or tablet and enjoy a superior sound experience in your own home.

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