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DAF Other Car and Truck Parts

Although Dutch firm DAF haven't made cars for a number of years, they still produce a number of trucks for the Australian market. A division of PACCAR, the company that also makes Kenworth trucks here in Australia, DAF sells imported trucks specially tuned for Australian conditions. Whether you want something small for deliveries or a larger truck for the long haul, there is a DAF truck for you, and there are DAF parts to keep them running.

DAF Safety Equipment

With DAF prime movers carrying tonnes of material all over Australia, safety is important. From basic safety equipment like mirrors and mirror arms to more complex ones like airbags, it's important to make sure that all your safety equipment is in working condition and replace anything that's showing signs of undue wear.

DAF Electrical Parts

Even though Diesel engines don't need spark plugs, trucks do require electrical systems to run everything else, from the headlights to the instrumentation in the cab. A replacement wiring harness may not be the first thing you think of when you're looking for truck parts, but it's definitely something that can solve a lot of problems if you have intermittent electrical problems.

DAF Cooling Parts

Pulling heavy loads all across the country takes power, and power means heat. Every water-cooled truck needs a radiator to transfer that heat to the atmosphere. DAF truck cooling system parts range in size from as large as the radiator to as small as a radiator hose. You also need a functioning water pump to get that coolant circulating so it can dump the heat from the engine into the air.

Repair and Maintenance

Keeping your DAF truck on the road involves regular repair and maintenance. It means checking the hoses and looking for wear on moving parts. It means changing oil and replacing filters. Keep a log and do your maintenance religiously. The more you maintain, the less likely you are to surprise yourself with costly repairs.

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