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Functional DVD-R's for all of your recording needs

Ever since affordable recordable DVDs and recording optical drives became available in Australia, media itself has changed. Once recording a season of your favourite TV series took up cubic feet of VHS tapes, and offered very poor quality results. Today, media can be recorded, copied and shipped on CDs (compact discs), DVDs (Digital Versatile Disks) and other formats, and every episode of even long-running series can fit in a DVD spindle only a few inches thick. Some DVDs are even inkjet printable, making it easier than ever to label your video collection.

Advanced formats like dual-layer Blu-ray discs have many GB of storage capacity on a single disc, and can hold many hours of video even in ultra-high definition 4K format. Films, sporting events and other entertainment can be recorded at theatrical quality, and stored for later use easily.

Compatibility with different types of DVD media

Before you go and order a spindle of DVDs big enough to last you until Christmas, though, take a look at your recording (burning) equipment. There are actually quite a few formats of blank DVDs available, and you need to get the right kind for your burner.

Your optical drive should be listed with all of the formats it can handle. For example, a Verbatim Slimline CD/DVD burner might be listed as ‘CD-R compatible', ‘DVD-R compatible', ‘DVD-R / DVD+R compatible' or more. Just make sure you select media of a type your drive can use.

Popular recordable digital media formats include (but are certainly not limited to): DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD R, DVD-RW DVD-R discs, DVD-R / DVD+R Double Layer, Bluray and Bluray Double Layer.

It should be noted that the format of the media makes little if any difference to what you record on the disk. So long as the disc has sufficient storage capacity for the file and the drive is compatible with the disc, the media should play perfectly well.

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