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Got one to sell?

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DVD-RW Discs

Sometimes, you need a copy of a movie you own for your own enjoyment. Many movie watchers and enthusiasts often make a copy of each DVD they buy, not only for travel or for other reasons, but also to protect the original DVD. If it’s a movie, show, or concert that is watched over and over, watching the copy instead of the movie ensures that the original movie is protected and in its case. There are several types of DVD-RW discs, however there’s bound to be one to meet your needs.


You may notice on your disc that there is a speed associated with it (such as 8x). This means that this is the maximum writing speed for this disc. This is more closely associated with your DVD burner than the disc itself. However, you do want to be careful if your computer or DVD drive burns at 8x and you have DVD-RWs that only burns at 4x. This could create a DVD with glitches.


If you include DVD-R as well, there are many different types of blank media accessories to consider. A DVD-RW means that it is rewriteable, and you can make a copy from the copy, or rewrite over the disc. A DVD-R is still recordable, but once the disc is written, it can no longer be rewritten. DVD-RW+ is a type of DVD-RW that is held to certain standards, and is monitored by top brands such as Philips and Sony. There are also mini DVD-R/RW camcorder tapes and discs.


Each type of disc also has a different capacity. There are two types of DVD-R. One can hold 4.7 GB and one can hold 3.95 GB. When it comes to capacity, DVD-R and RW are the same. You will need four to five DVD-RW discs to hold 20 GB of music or movies. DVD-RAM double discs have a 5.2 GB capacity, but are not as recommended as a simple DVD-R or RW.


While no one brand is better than another, it’s often a good idea to stick to name brand DVD-RW discs when purchasing. Look for standards that set them apart from other discs, such as a silver matte or gold lacquer colour. A hardcoat layer added to the disc also makes it more durable. Popular name brands include TDK, Memorex, and Verbatim.

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