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Record your favourites with DVD recorders

If you still have some classic home movies trapped in the bodies of VHS tapes, then get them recorded onto a DVD with ease with a range of DVD recorders on offer. Record from VHS to DVD or from DVD to VHS, or simply record television shows and save it onto your recorder's internal memory.

Many recorders will be able to record onto Blu-ray disks in Blu-ray quality, and can have up to 500GB internal storage, allowing you to save content onto the unit for future viewing or recording. By setting the timer or simply pressing record to coincide with scheduled programming, you can record countless TV episodes to view at your leisure.

Never miss an episode of your favourite television programs and share those home movies or digital photos with friends and families. Some DVD recorders will allow you to record in 3D. DVD Recorders regularly make use of MP3 formatting, others use JPEG of DivX. Opinion varies as to what is considered the best quality, so it may be worth doing some research as to what would be the best format for you.

If you've old videos that didn't see a DVD release or you simply want to save money, a DVD recorder is a good alternative. They offer everything DVD players do only with the added benefit of also being a recorder.

All the top electronics brands produce their own DVD or Blu-ray recorders from Panasonic and Sony to LG and Samsung. They can be connected to your television via HDMI or AV cables and all come with an easy to use battery powered remote.

If you're looking for a player, these units not only give you what you want, but also offer a range of added functionality. Update your VHS home movies to share them with the next generation or record your digital videos onto a disk to show the world. Shop the vast range of DVD recorders here on eBay.

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