DYLON Fabric Dyes

DYLON Fabric Dyes

DYLON fabric dyes are a safe and easy way to permanently dye a wide variety of fabrics. These dyes work on natural fabrics, such as cotton and wool, as well as synthetic fabrics, like polyester and nylon. They come in a wide variety of colours and shades, so you can find just the colour youre looking for or create a custom colour that is all your own.

DYLON Red Fabric Dyes

DYLON red fabric dyes come in a variety of hues ranging from pink to deep red. There are also specialty shades, such as crimson and wine red. You can also adjust the intensity of the colour by adjusting the amount of dye that you use and the amount of time that you expose the fabric to the dye.

DYLON Blue Fabric Dyes

DYLON blue fabric dyes range in tone from sky blue to dark royal blue and navy blue. There are also custom shades, such as blue-lavender and cornflower blue. You can even combine blue dye with red to create a deep violet colour.

DYLON Yellow Fabric Dyes

DYLON yellow fabric dyes work well on lighter-coloured fabrics, such as white or beige fabrics. These dyes also work well for rejuvenating yellow fabrics that have lost some of their colour over time. You can mix yellow with a little bit of blue to create a lime green colour.

DYLON Earth Tone Fabric Dyes

DYLON earth tone fabric dyes come in a few different colours, including various shades of brown ranging from a sandy brown to a dark mahogany brown. There are also beige, brown-green and grey tones available. All of these dyes work well on light-coloured fabrics and dark-coloured earth tones work on some medium-to-dark-coloured fabrics.