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Dainese Motorcycle Jackets

Dainese Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle riders do not wear a riding jacket solely because of its stylish look, although it is a factor as well. Motorcycle jackets also protect the rider from the elements as well as injuries in case of an accident. When you come off your motorcycle at high speed, you need protection on all areas, not only your head. The jackets increase safety also thanks to reflective strips that make you visible in the dark. Italian company Dainese has been making high-quality motorcycle jackets already for decades.

Dainese Motorcycle Jacket Materials

Premium leather is a common material choice for motorcycle jackets. It stands out for its durability and cool look. However, it is not the only option. Dainese has also developed technical textiles that can handle the elements with an equal rigour. Dainese has even established air-padding technology, which means that by wearing the jacket, you are actually wearing an airbag that inflates at the right moment, namely, at impact. Other Dainese jacket materials are D-Dry and textile.

Dainese Motorcycle Jacket Sizing

Choosing a motorcycle jacket that fits perfectly is crucial because the wrong size does not provide much protection. To ensure proper fit, it is advisable to check the jacket measurements and also know your own measurements. Note that Dainese has special sizing for some products. For instance, the company has separate charts for the Stradon D1 Gore-Tex, Ridder D1 Gore-Tex and Sandstorm Gore-tex jackets. Moreover, Dainese also produces special models for shorter stature and taller stature. These special sizes are for people whose height is outside of standard parameters.

Dainese Motorcycle Jacket Types

You should always pick a motorcycle jacket based on the season when you want to wear it. Dainese offers jackets for both winter and summer seasons. They also manufacture a mid-season jacket that is the most versatile of them all. When picking out your jacket, bear in mind that the jackets are also for different kinds of intended use. Dainese offers motorcycle jackets for touring, urban riding, sport riding and simply for looking good and showing off the moto lifestyle.