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Dakine Men's Backpacks

Dakine, an outdoor clothing company, specialises in clothing and accessories for sports and outdoor living, and offers a large range of men's bags. With a range of options in various categories including lifestyle backpacks, surf backpacks, bike hydration backpacks, snow backpacks, skate backpacks and even camera bags, it is little wonder why people who need the right backpack often choose a Dakine backpack.

Hydration Backpacks

Hydration backpacks are becoming increasingly popular for runners and cyclists alike, and Dakine has developed a range of hydration bags in addition to its usual line of Dakine men's bags. Some of the hydration backpacks include specific features for cyclists, including separate compartments for hand pumps, wheel tubes and cycling tools. The hydration feature of the Dakine backpack means that both cyclists and runners can simply bite onto the bite valve and drink water from the in-built water bladder without needing to stop and refresh.

Backpack Accessories

A range of accessories are available to complement your Dakine hiking backpacks and bags, from hats, wallets and belts to snow gear including beanies, balaclavas and facemasks.


A feature of any good backpack or sports bag is weatherproofing. Being outside ultimately subjects you to the elements, and a good backpack must keep your gear safe and protected. Dakine men's backpacks are referred to as "weatherproof" rather than waterproof, referring to the fact that they protect what's inside from rain or snow, and offer other benefits for warm or humid weather. The shoulder straps are made from a breathable material so heat and friction don't become an issue, and unfortunate back sweat is avoided by the air suspension back panel that keeps the pack itself slightly off your back, allowing for ventilation.

Men's Backpack Alternatives

While men's backpacks are the perfect solution for several situations, especially outdoor sports and other adventures, there are other times when a backpack isn't the answer. On those occasions when you're wearing a suit, jacket or blazer, a backpack is only going to wrinkle your clothes and ruin your shoulder pads. Similarly, a backpack typically isn't appropriate for pairing with swimwear. For those occasions, other backpack alternatives should be considered, such as a briefcase, messenger bag, or even no bag at all.

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