David Clark Aircraft Parts Headsets

David Clark Headset Parts and Accessories

Since 1975, David Clark Company has been delivering noise-attenuating headsets specifically designed to provide hearing protection for pilots in noisy environments. Not only do their headsets offer clear reception and crisp transmission, but the familiar green-coloured domes have set industry standards for comfort, quality and dependability.

Headset Features

David Clark aircraft headsets feature the latest technological advances in Electronic Noise Cancellation (ENC) and passive noise attenuation. ENC headsets offer a combination of active noise reduction from 17-22 dB and passive at 23 dB, while passive noise attenuating headsets provide certified noise reduction ranging from 22 to 24 dB depending on the model. Headsets for use in helicopters accommodate passive noise reduction that ranges from 23 to 27 dB and active for an additional 17 to 22 dB. Headsets may be either mono or stereo depending on the model.

Headset Accessories

Since pilots may be wearing their headsets for hours on end, it is important that they are able to personalise them for comfort and functionality. The headsets can be fitted with a variety of David Clark aircraft parts and accessories such as gel ear seals, microphones, microphone protectors, head pad kits and eyeglass cushions. Older models can even be given a whole new look and feel with a retrofit kit. Pilots who fly both fixed and rotary wing aircraft may prefer to keep one headset for both. In that case, a simple communication plug adapter is all that’s required.


David Clark microphones come in two different varieties. They are either noise cancelling or amplified dynamic. A third option for a headset is listen only which, as the name suggests, does not have a microphone at all. Microphone boom assemblies are either flex, hinged wire or hinged flex wire.

Quality Products

David Clark aircraft headsets, parts and accessories are synonymous with quality. They are considered a premium brand and have set the standard in the aviation headset marketplace. The aircraft headsets have a true built-in fail-safe operation. Dual earphone drivers that are electronically independent provide uninterrupted communication should the ENC or power source fail.