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De'Longhi Wine Fridges

A fridge dedicated just to your wine may sound a big extravagant, but if you're serious about keeping your wines in the optimum conditions for long-term storage and ageing, then a wine fridge is a good solution. De'Longhi wine fridges do just that, allowing you to set the desired temperature to store and consume your wines.

What is the Optimum Temperature For the Long-Term Storage of Wine?

You should store most wines, both white and red, in temperatures ranging consistently between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius over the long term, which can be difficult to achieve without a wine fridge.

  • In addition to achieving warmer temperatures than typical bar fridges or De'Longhi refrigerators and freezers, a wine cooler maintains humidity levels at around 70 per cent.
  • When the wines are ready to drink, you may need to allow your reds to warm a little to room temperature and chill your whites before serving.

Which Factors Should I Consider Before Buying a Wine Fridge?

One of the most important things to consider when buying a wine refrigerator is whether you want to use it just for cellaring your wine or also for serving.

  • If you're using a wine fridge just for cellaring, then a one-zone wine cooler fridge will do the job, but you'll need a model with different temperature zones if you want to also be able to serve directly from your wine fridge.
  • Consider how much space you have available to accommodate a wine fridge. You may want to install a mini wine fridge under a benchtop or integrate it with your cabinetry.

Which Features Should I Look For In a Wine Fridge?

Glass doors are a popular feature of wine fridges as they allow you to find the wine you're looking for before opening the door.

  • Make sure the fridge has a UV protective coating to guard against UV light that can degrade wine.
  • Wooden shelving with good sliding mechanisms are preferable to metal shelving, which can create more vibration and scratch the labels.
  • If you're planning on cellaring sparkling wines, then you should also make sure the wine fridge can accommodate the wider bottle shape that's typical of sparkling wines.
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