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DeadEye Darts

DeadEye Darts

DeadEye Darts is one of Australias oldest and largest darts suppliers, offering a huge range of darts and accessories for both professionals and novices. The company strives to bring a diverse selection of darts, boards, flights, and shafts to players at affordable prices and have stuck to their dart devotion by selling nothing else. With more than 20 years in the business and over 3,500 dart-related products for sale, DeadEye is the dart industrys most trusted name.

DeadEye Dart Flights

DeadEye dart flights are available in a whole range of designs, including warrior-inspired motifs and eagle wings, as well as plain colours. Find dart flights celebrating your favourite AFL or NRL teams or enjoy enhanced visibility with its range of Ultra Vision flights.

DeadEye Dart Tips

DeadEye sells tips made from high-quality steel materials including tungsten, nickel, super alloy, and brass. You can also find shafts in various lengths and materials to securely hold your dart barrel in place during flight. Select the grip style that you prefer with scalloped, ringed, and Bushranger options available.

DeadEye Dart Boards

Need a new dart board or just getting started in the game? DeadEye dart boards come from some of the industrys leading names including Winmau, One80, and Unicorn. You can also find dart boards for your favourite sporting teams, as well as a range of dart board accessories, such as replacement numbers.

DeadEye Darts Accessories

From cases and wallets designed to store all of your darts equipment to dart shirts, grip balls, and bags, DeadEye sells a whole range of accessories. Look for LED lighting units to illuminate your dart board or a sharpener to keep your darts fine-tuned, as well as tally boards, markers, and erasers to help you keep score. You can also purchase special hanging kits that are designed specifically for DeadEye dart boards.