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Dealer or Reseller Listed Landscape Miniature Art Paintings

Dealer or Reseller Listed Landscape Miniature Art Paintings

Artists have been producing miniature paintings for centuries. These paintings are present in every movement. While they do require a different skill set, to be able to create detailed images with extreme size limitations, miniature art is a valid art form. Miniature art paintings appear in galleries around the world, even at the Smithsonian Museum in the United States. Painting in little is a very difficult skill to master for landscapes in particular, as a lot of detail must concentrate into a small area, without becoming muddled.

Miniature Art Paintings

Although there is no set rule for size, miniature paints are generally of no more than a 1:6 size ratio, with the entire painting consisting of no more than 25 inches of surface area. Generally, tools and paint that allow for precision help to create these paintings. Watercolour painting, for example, requires more surface area to create art and would be too difficult to work with in miniature. Generally, miniature art paintings are realistic in nature and not a part of the abstract movement. Much of the paintings quality appears through detailed art painting, so images are usually recognisable. Landscape miniature art is a great way to see the skill of an artist, as artists create these images on an even smaller ratio, and enough detail must be present to show the landscape without it becoming too muddy.

What to Look For

Dealer or reseller listed miniature art paintings enjoy a niche following with collectors, as well as art enthusiasts. Most of these collectors are familiar the parameters for what constitutes a miniature art painting. When selecting one, make sure it fits the accepted scale, unless the painting itself is of greater meaning to you. With original paintings, be sure that they are in good condition and have certification. Restoration is a painstaking and expensive process, even with large paintings. With the details in miniature art paintings, it becomes even more difficult. Depending on the artist, paintings can be an investment. This is not always something people know at time of purchase, as many artists do not experience acclaim until their later periods, or posthumously.


In many ways, the materials are the same as other dealer or reseller listed art paintings that appear on a larger scale. Painters use a canvas or heavy weight paper to support their art, then paints to create their images. Acrylic paint is common, and they sometimes use tools like toothpicks. They might frame these paintings to display them. Artists might use different chemicals to seal the paintings and keep them from deteriorating. Small brushes, along with smaller canvases and generally, less paint all make for a full arsenal for developing these tiny works of art.

Known Artists

Contemporary artists are not always famous, so it can be a gamble to collect paintings of an unknown artist. However, many art collectors find this to be one of the most exciting parts of collecting. Also, the painting value increases as the artist gains notoriety, so purchasing a painting from an unknown artist is likely significantly less expensive than a painting by an artist who is already popular. Miniature art competitions take place all over the world, and through this, many artists establish themselves. Some famous artists also dabble in miniature art. The more familiar the artist, the more valuable the piece of art, in most cases.