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  • Weigela florida “Eva Rathke” x 1 small plant. Gorgeous deciduous shrub.

    Weigela florida “Eva Rathke” x 1 small plant. Plants are 15-20 cm tall. Dormant in winter. Deep crimson flowers unfurl from red buds over dark green foliage. Very free flowering. Weigela 'Eva Rathke' is a more dense and upright shrub than most Weigela, ht 1.5 m.
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  • Small Garden Autumn Colour Euonymus alatus Burning Bush Crimson Chinese Medicine

    Used by the landscaping trade this compact smaller growing form creates dramatic autumn tones to a hedge or smaller garden in Autumn. Grows well in full sun to part shade however in harsh growing conditions appreciates some moisture and mulch.
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  • Hydrangea Annabelle Giant Snow Ball Hydrangea Shub Bush Floral Arranging Wedding

    This beautiful hydrangea produces the most magnificent flowering heads that are as big or bigger than footballs. The large rounded flower heads upto 40cm across are produced in Summer starting out Green in colour then changing to white and again turning green making them ideal for floral arranging for the flowering heads seem to be supported well on upright stems.
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  • Hydrangea- flowering shrub

    Hydrangeas are an old fashioned garden favourite which will grow well in cool/temperate areas. They grow to a rounded dense shrub, reaching 1.5m x 1.5m. They will not do well in hot dry areas unless they have shelter from the afternoon sun and ample water in summer.
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  • Magnolia Phillip Tregunna Flowering Shrub Tree Purple Blooms Fragrant

    This outstanding Magnolia produces large intense reddish purple blooms with pale pink on the inside of the blooms. A vigorous variety producing large leaves similar to those of campbellii making an ideal shade tree.
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  • Weigela florida “Foliis Purpureus” x 1 plant. Dwarf. Ask for combined postage

    Weigela florida “Foliis Purpureus” x 1 plant. (as on the last picture). Weigela florida 'Foliis Purpureis' has fashionably dark foliage and deep mauve flowers, is squatter and neither as shapely nor as vigorous as other Weigelas.
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  • Pomeganate (Punica grantum) - shrub - garden; fruit; bonsai

    Pomegranates are an exotic fruit which have stood the test of time. They are depicted in the art of ancient cultures of the middle east and their many culinary uses are being rediscovered in western cuisine.
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  • Viburnum Carlesi Fragrant Shrub Fragrant Garden Flowering Shrub Spice Bush

    A deciduous rounded shrub growing to 2mt to 3mt or more in height with downy dull green leaves colouring in Autumn. In Spring medium sized dense flower heads measuring about 7cm are produced that contain many florets they are of soft pink and are sweetly fragrant.
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  • Chaenomeles speciosa 'Nivalis' (Flowering Quince) x 1 plant.

    (10-15 cm tall on 06/03/16). Garden care: After flowering prune side-shoots to five or six leaves and remove crossing or ill-placed stems. Once established remove excess growth in late spring or summer and cut back all side-shoots to two or three leaves.
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  • Buddleja x weyerana "Golden Glow" Butterfly Bush x 1 plant

    Masses of golden yellow ball like blooms through summer into autumn also known as the Butterfly bush the flowers are fragrant. Prune back in winter to rejuvenate the plant. It is suitable for a full sun to part shade position is frost tolerant and requires little water once established.
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  • Chinese Wax Shrub Sinocalycanthus Calycanthus chinensis Pink Flowering

    A rare and beautiful shrub that that produces large camellia/magnolia like 'cup and saucer' thick waxy flowers flowers up to 9cm across that are white flushed with pink with a slightly yellow base an the occasional purple streak and have a subtle fragrance.
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  • Youngberry Rubus ursinus Fruit Organic Vegetable Garden Farming Berry Plant

    Similar to a Boysenberry this vigorous trailing berry produces high yields however the fruits are slightly smaller than a Boysenberry. The fruit is deep purple to almost black in colour and are more tolerant of heat holding their firmness well.
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