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Got one to sell?

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Add Style

Often, it’s the little style touches that really make a room stand out. Yes, large items of furniture such as couches and beds are always going to be important. Yes, it’s essential to choose just the right shade of paint and the perfect pair of curtains or blinds. But, in design as in the rest of life, it’s the little things that count. By choosing the right decorative touches, a designer can encourage design themes to flow throughout a room. Decorative touches can create a more finished look, crafting an ambience or atmosphere that wasn’t all that obvious before. Those are the little decorative touches can push ordinary to wow.   What decorative touches are there, exactly? Choosing the right decorative touches will depend on the décor and the desired design look. They can include candle holders and accessories, photo frames and wall sculptures. They can be decorative cushions and pillows, afghans and throws, and decorative baskets. Decorative clocks are another popular decorative touch, adding not just style, but function as well. Decorative clocks range in style from the beautiful cuckoo clock, to the most contemporary desk clock. They can be industrial or rustic, they can have clean modern lines or they can revel in shabby chic.

Add Function

While a clock can certainly be decorative, it also has to be functional. While certain design items such as decorative plates and bowls and flowers and floral décor simply have to sit there and look good, functional items such as clocks also have to do the job they were designed to do. Before buying a clock, think about how easy it is to see the time, from far away and from close up. After all, there’s not much point having a clock if it can’t be used to tell the time. Another thing to think about is whether the clock will be used as an accent or a statement piece. Will it flow within the overall design of the room, or will it stand out and make a statement? Looking for inspiration? There’s no better place for design inspiration than eBay. Featuring a vast array of home décor design essentials, eBay is the place to go to buy decorative clocks from top brands such as AMS, Karlsson and the London Clock Company. Time to start shopping!      

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