Decorative Cushion Covers

Decorative Cushion Covers

Add a stylish touch to your couch or chair with decorative cushion covers. You can cover an old pillow or make a new one according to your theme when you select from the various options available. These covers can be placed on small or even large decorative pillows. Choose from a range of materials, shapes and colours to fit any design theme.

Material for Decorative Cushion Covers

You can compare the various material options for your cushion covers. Cotton and linen are always popular choices because they are easy to care for. However, you can a little extra style with velvet cushion covers. Canvas is a casual choice while silk or lace cushion covers are elegant options. Your selections can range from polyester to faux fur decorative cushion covers.

Shape of Decorative Cushion Covers

The standard shape for decorative cushion covers is square, but you can find round covers as well. There are rectangle covers or those in animal shapes. You should select your cover based on your overall theme of the room you are planning to place it in.

Colour of Decorative Cushion Covers

Consider the numerous options in colour for these decorative covers. Bold shades like red, yellow or purple will make the pillows a focal point in your room. You can also select from various patterns such as plaid, geometric designs or even animal faces. The colours and patterns you choose will depend on whether you want the cushions to blend in or stand out in the room.

Theme and Style of Decorative Cushion Covers

You can use these cushion covers to add a touch of elegance with sequins or lace. They can also be fun with the face of an owl or cat staring back at you. Select one with a tropical or beach theme. You can even find Disney characters for your childs bedroom or Christmas decorative cushion covers for a festive touch around the holidays.