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Decorative Windchimes

The wind blows virtually everywhere in the world, though some places more often than others. There’s something beautiful about a good wind, though the best ones are admired from inside the house. The subtle melody of the wind, as well as the look of some lovely wind chimes, are a great way to add some charm to any porch or part of your home.

Not Just the Sound

Windchimes usually have a delicate, lilting tone to them, but there is more to having one than the noise they make. A decorative windchime can add bohemian charm to your home. You can hang it outside to make optimal use of its wind-blown lullaby, or hang it inside where it will complement the rest of your home decor. The usual style is to have a series of tubes of varying length suspended in a roughly circular arrangement, so that when the wind touches the chimes they knock against one another and produce tones based on the length of the tubes. Other types include spiral chimes, and slumped glass chimes.


Wind chimes can be made from all sorts of different materials, but the most common ones are bamboo and metal. Bamboo chimes have a sweet and soothing sound, but generally don’t last as long as metal chimes as they are more prone to cracking. Metal wind chimes and brass wind chimes can be specifically tuned, and you can even get chimes with the notes for famous songs and music. They’re more weather resistant, which means they last longer, but they tend to have a colder sound. Glass and ceramic chimes are also an option, and these chimes tend to be more decorative than anything else. This is largely because glass and ceramics offer a lot of room to craft interesting and unique shapes for the chimes.

Strong Winds

While wind chimes are of course meant to catch wind, it’s not a good idea to put them too out in the open if your area frequently experiences heavy gusts. Wind chimes aren’t fragile, but constant exposure to the elements and strong winds will eventually tire out the metal and crack the wood, ruining the look and sound of your nice wind chimes.

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