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Decorative Wooden Letters

Personalise your home or craft project with decorative wooden letters. Whether you're looking for individual letters or words, there are options to suit all needs and tastes. Decorative wooden letters come in all letters of the alphabet and include symbols like the ampersand, as well as words or short phrases. Wooden numbers and cute shapes like flowers, animals, hearts and fruit are excellent to mix and match with your wooden letters. Wooden decorative hanging signs are another option, combining the wooden letters with a rope, wire or twine to hang them by.

Decorative Wooden Letter Designs

Decorative wooden letters come in different fonts and shapes. Some are thick, strong and block-like, while others are thinner and have a more delicate cursive font. The font choices are highly varied and provide the tone of the wooden letters. For example, the words live', love' and laugh' can be purchased together, each with a loopy, delicate font that gives an impression of what the words mean and how they feel, while also contributing to the aesthetic. Some wooden letters are decorated with small wooden shapes layered on top of the letter, like flowers or stars. Some wooden hanging signs combine an image with text through the centre. While many decorative wooden letters are left unpainted and with a natural look, others are painted. A common colour choice is simple white, which will match any decor. Other common colours include powder blue, soft pink, gold and silver, though any colour can be used. Some wooden letters have a print design instead of a single solid colour. If you're looking for something to really stand out, look for decorative wooden letters that have fairy lights embedded in them. They light up and look cracking.

Decorative Wooden Letter Usage

Decorative wooden letters are ideal for personalising your home. Find or create your child's name and affix the letters to their bedroom door. Give your bookshelf or other furniture a personal touch by including wooden letters with a word like love' or books' or read'. Celebrate or remember a special occasion like your wedding with wooden letters of you and your partner's initials. Use wooden letters in your craft projects. Mount decorative wooden letters on a wall or display free-standing decorative wooden letters on flat surfaces.

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