Stay charged with Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries are great power sources for when you're on the move. Choose from the huge range on eBay for your camping trip, 4x4 driving holiday, or next fishing trip in the dingy.

Hardy and durable

Deep cycle batteries are built to handle repeated discharging. Unlike a car battery, they can handle being charged over and over without copping any damage.

If you're looking for a battery for lighter usage for weekend road trips with your caravan, boat, or campervan, you will want to go for a dual-purpose leisure battery to power all of your favourite accessories.

If you've got a larger campervan and you're looking to take a longer trip, ideally you would choose a leisure battery with 110 AH or more. This will provide you will more power for those long road journeys and holidays.

Battery types

Choose from lead acid batteries, gel batteries, or Absorbent Glass Matt, commonly known as AGM.

Lead acid batteries come sealed or semi-sealed. Sealed lead acid batteries almost require no maintenance as you shouldn't need to access your battery during its lifetime. Gel batteries are also sealed. In contrast, the semi-sealed option has a hole where it can be refilled if the acid evaporates over long periods of time.

For a low maintenance option, Deep Cycle AGM batteries are designed to be spill proof, so you won't have to top up or maintain these in any way. These batteries are also designed not to lose any electrolytes either, so you won't need to worry about replacing these for as long as you have the battery. The Century N70T is a good all-rounder. Featuring 100 AH, this battery can handle repeated charging and discharging.

The Supercharge all-rounder is another good option, suitable for heading out in the boat, caravan or when you're taking off on camping trips and 4x4 off-roaders. With 105 AH and high-temperature tolerance, this Deep Cycle battery is certainly built for tough Aussie conditions.