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Dell Monitors

Never underestimate the importance of your computer monitor; you spend untold hours staring at it, so a model that's just okay is never good enough. While many know Dell for computers, the company also builds a wide range of monitors for every home and business need. It has been a very long time since computers relied on repurposed TV screens, and Dell monitors show why that's been such an important step.

Wide and Flat

Dell widescreen monitors give you extra space off to the sides so that you can have two windows open at once. It's also great for watching widescreen movies. Unlike CRT monitors, which were generally convex, Dell flat screen monitors give you a clear view of the data without worrying about distortion. They make it that much easier to see.

Tilt and Pivot

One way to get the most out of your monitor is to arrange it properly. Dell monitors do more than just tilt to give you the right angle; some even pivot up to ninety degrees. Pivoting your screen to the vertical lets you view documents in their natural orientation. It may not sound like much, but anyone who has fought with a two column PDF that doesn't quite fit on their screen can imagine how much it helps.

Curves and Edges

Unlike CRTs, modern curved monitors are concave rather than convex, making it easier to see the edges of very wide screens. Another feature is Dell's Infinity Edge, which gives your monitor a very thin bezel. Put two monitors side-by-side and they look almost seamless.

Touch and Resolution

With the increase in ultra high definition content, you need a screen that can show all of it. Dell's 4K and 5K monitors feature millions of pixels so you can capture every detail of every image. Touch screens turn your monitor into an input device as well as output.

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