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Dell Xeon Quad-Core Enterprise Network Servers

A network server offers extra security for your business or personal information. Dell is known for its industry-leading technology and has been serving corporations and startups all over the world. Founded in 1984, high-performance computing at a lower price has always been the company’s aim. Network servers such as the Dell Xeon Quad-Core Enterprise provides affordable technological services for large and small businesses.

Data Safety

A computer that holds programs that serve the collective needs of an enterprise or business, instead of a single user, are known as enterprise servers. Mainframe-sized computers have been traditionally deployed as enterprise servers. Operating a server will help keep your data safe and puts an automatic backup procedure in place. Dell Opteron enterprise network servers offer reliability and effectiveness as well as a brand users can trust.

Data Efficiency

With a shared server, accessing your data is faster and easier. Professionals choose Dell’s PowerEdge Tower Servers when looking for value, flexibility and a wide range of performance options. In its most basic form, a server is software that handles a specific task. The term ‘server’ has come to mean the powerful hardware that supports this software. Server software that runs a network of hundreds of users must be installed on hardware that is far more robust than anything you would buy for your average run-of-the-mill consumer.

Central Point of Access

Creating a network server will give you a central access point to store information and software. Information can be consolidated in one place for ease and shared among those who need it. Servers spend their days processing requests, storing and delivering data to clients over a LAN (local area network) or the Internet. Most computer networks maintain more than one server. Each of them handle a specific task such as email or database storage.

Room to Grow

Dell network servers allow a company to grow with ease beyond their current size. Whether you buy your Dell server for your home, small office, or international enterprise, Dell offers scalable, effective rack servers that provide high-performance computing solutions. There are thousands of different uses for servers. Some of the most common include Web servers, email servers, FTP servers and identity servers.

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