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Dental care

There is more to good oral health than simply brushing twice a day. Many oral care products are available to help you have a smile that’s clean, white and healthy. Whether your aim is to treat a condition like tooth sensitivity or you’d like whiter teeth, choosing the right products can help keep your teeth and gums in the best condition.

Tooth brushes

Toothbrushes should always have soft bristles, as hard bristles can cause long-term damage to gums and cause tooth sensitivity or even loss. For most people, manual versus electric toothbrushes is a matter or personal preference, but an electric toothbrush has the advantage of a consistent brushing technique, being easier to use for people with limited mobility. Whichever you prefer, choose a high-quality product that is gentle on your teeth and gums, and replace the head regularly.

Water flossers

Water flossers or water picks shoot a thin stream of water into the spaces between your teeth, helping to dislodge plaque and food particles that might be stuck there. They are a great option for people with gum inflammation, braces, people who regularly get a dry mouth, or who often get food stuck in their teeth. While a water flosser is a great addition to your oral care routine, it shouldn't take the place of regular dental floss.

Teeth whitening

Teeth naturally lose their white colour over time and through lifestyle choices. To restore this, dental whitening products can be used. Options range from in-chair procedures at the dentist to take-home kits, and the results and prices vary widely as well. When choosing a whitening product, make sure it is considered safe.


Toothpastes containing fluoride have been shown to reduce cavities, making it an essential ingredient. Toothpaste should never contain sugar and should be approved by the national dental authority. Children have different needs to adults, so always use toothpaste and oral care products intended for children under six years old. Further adult toothpaste options include higher concentrations of fluoride, toothpaste that helps stop tooth sensitivity, and products with whitening ingredients. If you’re not sure which product is right for you, ask your dentist.