Depression Glass

Depression Glass

In the wake of the Great Depression, many glass manufacturers began making dinnerware sets, vases, Art Deco glass, and other styles of glass in their factories. Because of the economic conditions at the moment, the glass was often shoddily made, with visible marks and mistakes. The intricateness of the patterns was extremely elegant, however, and depression glass, as it was known to be called, remained relatively popular during the 1930s and 1940s. Today, real depression glass is considered antique, and is a highly sought-after collectible.


There are many different types of depression glass pieces, and depression glass bowls are some of the most popular. When it comes to bowls, some of the most sought-after patterns are Camero, Mayfair, and American Sweetheart. However, collectors should be very careful to ensure that their bowl is not a reproduction. Sometimes it’s best to opt for a more unpopular pattern, as the chances of it being mass-reproduced are less likely.


Vases are another popular piece when it comes to depression glass. Since vases are less likely to have been placed in an automatic dishwasher during the years, they are apt to have less condition issues and therefore are a bit more collectible. Look for popular patterns such as Royal Lace and Princess.


To find a complete set of true depression glass without any serious condition issues is a joy. Complete sets were used as everyday dinnerware back in the 1930s, so you’ll find a set just like you would purchase a dinnerware set today - with plates, bowls, cups and saucers, and additional pieces such as creamers and sugar bowls.

Green Glass

Depression glass was mass produced in several different colours, and today there are some colours that remain more popular than others. Pink and cobalt blue are the most collectible colours of all, and green depression glass is close behind. You’ll also find instances of other colours, such as clear and amber.