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Diamond Charms and Charm Bracelets

Looking to add a little bit of extra shine to your accessory wardrobe or giving someone a special gift? Look no further than fine diamond charms and charm bracelets. With a variety of options of metals and types available, these special items can make for stunning pieces of jewellery that can be a total statement-maker in your outfit.

Why Buy Charms and Charm Bracelets

The reason that so many shoppers to turn charms and charm bracelets as pieces of jewellery is because of the very personal angle behind many of them. What makes fine charms and charm bracelets so special is that you can collect charms and add them to your bracelet, or give them as a gift, as time goes on. Each charm is also a peek into your style, interests, and even relationships, as they can signify special moments in your life.

Types of Charms

The number of charms on market is virtually endless. A great place to start in choosing your next charm is to consider interests and hobbies. There are generic charms such as crowns, hearts, and simple pretty objects, but there are also highly specific ones as well. Sports, favourite pastimes and iconic places all make for great jumping off points in finding the perfect charm.

Types of Charms and Bracelet Metals

Next up, you will want to keep in mind what metals your charms and bracelets are made out of. While gold and silver are the most common types, there are many subsets of each that can alter the cost, durability and appearance of your charms. Yellow gold, rose gold and white gold are some examples of metals in fine jewellery as well as platinum, palladium and even titanium. Bracelets themselves can even sometimes be made of leather. However, both charms and bracelets can be found with several types of metal woven together throughout them, making for a totally unique look.

Diamond Placement

The placement of the diamonds on your charms can vary quite a bit. You can find charms with one single, large diamond shining out, while others may be speckled with tiny diamonds for a more subtle look. The diamonds themselves can even make for unique touches on charms, such as the eyes on a horse charm or the lining of a crown charm. The same goes for bracelets: the uses of diamonds throughout the fine jewellery vary greatly, so you can find the perfect options for you or your loved one.

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