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Diamond Polishing Pad

Diamond pads are essential parts of grinding and polishing machines that work on different kinds of floor surfaces. If you know how to properly use the pads, they give a clear advantage over other kinds of polishing methods. The diamond pads are solely for using with water because this helps to prevent hazardous dust and minimises the wear and tear of the pads. When looking for pads for your polishing tool, consider their size, pattern, thickness and diamond quality.

Diamond Pad Size

Generally, the larger pads are more stable than small ones, although they could become unstable on narrow sections of concrete. Thus, larger pads are better for large areas, while small pads are perfect for small pneumatic polishers that can reach narrow sections and edges. When unsure whether you require a small or large pad for your polishing machine, choose a medium size to get the best of both worlds.

Diamond Pad Pattern

The diamond polishing pads include patterns moulded into their cutting surface. This plays a significant role in the cutting quality. Open, aggressive pattern with deep and wide channels is suitable for pads that need to do coarse honing. Large channels allow you to quickly and effectively eject the abrasive cutting residue, which greatly increases the pad's lifespan. Pads with narrower channels are more suitable for simply polishing where there is no need to remove any stock. Narrow channels clog more easily and for this reason they are not best for aggressive cutting.

Diamond Pad Thickness

Choosing the diamond pad thickness should depend on their purpose. Thin pads are flexible and thus suitable for polishing and honing inside curved integral sinks. However, the thin pads do not last very long. Thicker pads have an extended lifespan, but are also stiffer. When they dry, they might be prone to cupping.

Diamond Quality

The diamonds in the pad do the cutting and their quality determines how good the pads are. While the pattern and thickness are visible on a pad, the diamonds are not. Thus, it is always important to thoroughly read the item description. Better pads use industrial diamonds; cheaper pads contain low-grade diamonds that have more flaws and poorer gradation.

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