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Be on the cutting edge with a diamond saw blade

You’re known as the handiest person among your family and friends. You pride yourself on being the gal or guy with the kind of hands that just know how to fix things. Or maybe you’re actually a handyperson by trade. You need to be prepared and always have the tools you need on hand. Maybe it’s time to upgrade that rusty or blunt blade to a diamond saw, and thanks to the great range available here on eBay today, you don’t have to walk on a razor’s edge just to do your shopping. With the ease of online shopping, you don’t even need to leave home.

Features to consider with a diamond saw blade

As the name suggests, a diamond saw blade is a saw with diamonds affixed to the cutting edge. The diamonds allow the saw to cut hard, dense, or rough materials like brick, concrete, marble, stone, asphalt, glass, ceramics, and even gemstones. Diamond saws come in many shapes, although circular is the most common type. They also come in several types depending on how the diamonds are incorporated into the blade, including electroplated, vacuum brazed, and sintered, which is the most common type. A sintered blade is made up of a steel core and combined with synthetic diamond segments.

Despite what the name suggests, a diamond saw blade doesn’t actually cut the material, it grinds through the material, and this isn’t the easiest of tasks, as the blade gets hot thanks to the friction involved with breaking through the denser materials. This is why diamond saw blades need to be replaced frequently, as the process of gnawing through hard material eventually cracks the diamonds. To increase the life of your blade, cut slower, as the speed is directly related to how quickly the diamonds will crack.

If a diamond saw blade doesn’t suit your intended purpose, you may want to check out the great range of saw blades, or even more specifically, the Bosch industrial saw blades. Whatever material you intend to carve up, with a diamond saw blade from the extensive range here on eBay, you’ll get the job done in the twinkle of your eye.

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