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Diamond and Yellow Gold Engagement and Wedding Ring Sets

Diamonds and yellow gold engagement and wedding ring sets add up to a beautiful combination and come in a huge range of styles. If you are looking to get engaged, the classic pairing of yellow gold and diamonds is an extremely safe choice.

18k Yellow Gold

Gold is measured in “karats”, with 24 karats being equal to 100 per cent gold. While it might seem that pure yellow gold is a better choice for an engagement or wedding ring, this is not the case. Gold, being a soft metal, can potentially bend, warp and scratch. 18k gold rings have 75 per cent gold content, with the rest being composed of other metals that strengthen the ring.


When choosing the stone in your engagement ring, be mindful of budget. The obvious route is then to seek the highest quality diamond affordable. The options are whether to compromise on clarity, colour, or on cut. Another option is to choose a stone that is slightly underweight, such as 0.8 carats, instead of a full carat diamond.

Choosing the Set

If you buy your engagement and wedding rings at the same time, you should think about how they will fit together. All couples naturally have their own design preferences, but making the purchase of an engagement and wedding ring set ensures that the two rings complement each other and can sit together on the finger with no issues. When considering two separate rings, however, check not only that the two rings go well together, but also that they don’t rub or fit awkwardly when worn.

Other Options

If you like the idea of wedding sets but aren’t keen on yellow gold, there are many other metals available. Engagement and wedding ring sets with diamonds can be obtained in white gold, platinum, rose gold, or in combinations of these precious metals. For a recipient who likes warmer tones, yellow and rose gold are ideal. White gold and platinum produce a cooler look. Skin tone can be a consideration when scrutinising rings prior to making your choice.

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