Dictapones & Voice Recorders

Keep audio records safe and sound with a voice recorder dictaphone from eBay. 

Digital voice recorders are super handy if you need to keep a high quality audio account of a conversation, speech, interview, or even musical performance.  

Browse the range of digital voice recorders available on eBay from a selection of different brands including Olympus, Panasonic, Philips, and Sony. Under these brands, there are also different sizes available, so consider whether you need a desktop or handheld voice recorder. Both can be found online with ease. Handheld voice recorders, often referred to as dictaphones, are highly portable and convenient to use for interviews and speech recording for later playback. These voice recorders are wireless and are fitted with rechargeable batteries and low power indication lights.  

Most voice recorder devices also allow you the option to delete one file at a time, or delete all files at once. This allows you to keep and discard what suits you, and provides a way to conveniently free up disk space on your device. The devices available on eBay have different levels of available flash memory, starting at as little as 128MG and going up to 32GB and above, so you can find a voice recorder that suits your needs.  

On eBay, you can also find dictation accessories such as foot switches and pedals to help transcribe from computers, among remote controllers for voice recorders, and advanced microphone adapters. Alternatively, find a stenograph if you prefer to record speech in shorthand. However, voice recorders are a much quicker and more convenient way to keep audio records.  

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