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Improve your vocabulary with Dictionaries

Look up the definition of a word in no time with a classic English dictionary. A dictionary is a must-have book for every English speaker, helping you to improve your grammar, learn new words, and write top notch essays.

Shop for the latest dictionary and you'll always have a dictionary nearby to grab when you need to look up the definition of certain words throughout your day.

Junior Dictionary

Children can get a lot of use from a junior dictionary that's catered to their needs. The Macquarie Junior Dictionary is perfect for primary students as it's designed to help develop the language acquisition of students.

The headwords are bold and clear, which makes the search for a specific word much easier. Each definition is written clearly and there's also a helpful pronunciation guide for the more difficult words in the English language.

English Dictionary

The classic Oxford Dictionary is a must-have for every home with English speakers. With over 75,000 words, phrases, and clear definitions, this dictionary makes the search for word meanings easier and less time-consuming.

Each word heading is coloured to make it stand out more while the definition of the word is located clearly beneath the main word.

Dictionary and Thesaurus

If you're writing an essay, blog post, or story, a 2-in-1 dictionary and thesaurus can be very useful. A thesaurus will offer alternative words and phrases for your chosen word, helping to expand your vocabulary and improve grammar.

Electronic Dictionary

If you don't have time to look through a large dictionary for the meaning of a word, go for an electronic dictionary. The Electronic Pocket Concise Oxford Spellchecker dictionary is perfect for finding the definition of a word quickly and simply.

Bilingual Dictionary

If you're learning a new language and need some extra help along the way, shop for a bilingual or foreign language dictionary to learn new languages such as Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, and many more.

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