Diecast Cranes

Complete your collection with a diecast crane

Take your diorama to the next level with a collectible diecast crane. Here on eBay you can browse hundreds of high-quality construction models built to over a dozen scales. You’ll find mint-condition vintage items listed for auction by fellow collectors as well as brand-new-in-box beauties from leading brands and series like Liebherr, Conrad, TWH, NZG, WSI, SIKU, Mammoet, Manitowoc, Mediaco, Bobcat, Sword and Demag.

Collectible construction models

EBay is a great place to find great deals on collectible construction models, with brand new models for sale alongside expertly cared-for show pieces looking for a new home. You’ll also find expertly customised and repaired cranes, plus extras and accessories you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

You’ll find a range of models, including three- four-, five-, six- and nine-axle truck-mounted cranes, Derrick rigs, truck tractors and much more.

One-of-a-kind cranes

Lift your game with rare prototypes and one-of-a-kind cranes available right here on eBay. Looking to add a little something extra to your showcase models? Look around for sellers listing limited-edition extensions and accessories for your cranes!

Over 20 scales available!

Most crane models conform to the popular 1:50 scale, but here on eBay you’ll find everything from 1:250 miniature collectibles right up to staggering 1:3 model cranes! Many models in the 1:50 scale offer heaps of fully-functioning features including functioning booms, masts, equalisers, gantries and car bodies. The attention to detail on some of these models is incredible, with realistic guide ropes, catwalks and jacks.

Whether you’re looking for a little gift for your child, or a big gift for yourself, there’s no doubt diecast cranes and other vehicles are a whole lot of fun! Shop today.