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Diesel Heater

Diesel air heaters

If youre travelling through the outback in your caravan, youll not want to take the risk of getting cold when the sun goes down. While rural Australia bakes by day, temperatures can drop like a stone at night, and thats where this range of diesel air heaters come in. Theyre sturdy, reliable and youll be able to find fuel for them at any servo where youre refilling your campers tank. Naturally, the number of litres of diesel required to fuel your heater varies depending on the heater size.

Installing your diesel air heater

Diesel air heaters are small, compact and designed to sit comfortably anywhere in your RV. You can even install them under the floor in some cases to keep them out of the way. Just because theyre small doesnt mean that theyre not powerful. Youll find that your caravan is easily kept toasty and warm with the heat from just one diesel air heaters.

Theyre also lightweight and most diesel air heaters run off a standard 12 volt power supply that youll easily find in most camper vans.

Controlling your diesel air heater

Your diesel heater can be controlled using a standard thermostat, meaning that its easy to install and use in conjunction with items that are already in your caravan. Its simple and straightforward design means that its reliable. Additionally, in the event of any small issues or glitches, youll be able to take care of them yourself.

Features of diesel air heaters

When an engine is started a low temperature, caravan heaters can preheat the coolant of the engine to avoid wear and tear. Certain models are environmentally friendly, producing low emissions and have low fuel consumption. Others diesel heaters have automatic room temperature control with a temperature pre-set facility to keep you warm at all times in your motorhome.

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