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Diesel Stationary Industrial Generators

With a constant need to stay connected and have all systems running, a generator can be a saviour when there is a power cut. A generator provides clean standby electricity and serves homes, businesses and enterprises to ensure that life goes on without any interruptions. Running a generator can still be as expensive if not more than your usual power bill but an industrial diesel generator can help to cut that cost down. Obviously the more power a generator provides, the more expensive it will be, but this cost is easy to overlook when the amount of sales that could have been lost in the time of a power cut is realised.

Does My Business Need a Diesel Generator?

Diesel stationary generator sets work well for small to medium sized businesses. They can help to:

  • Reduce downtime: When there is a power cut, it can be very hard to see in your place of business so work will need to stop. Machines will be unable to operate, which means making up the time later.
  • Continue sales: With most purchases these days happening through card machines, a generator will ensure that you can continue to sell and not lose important revenue.
  • Retain customers: If your business is a hospitality venue where people come to eat or drink, they are going to move to somewhere else should everything turn dark. Having a backup diesel generator will ensure that business will be as usual.
  • Stay secure: Alarms won't usually work when the power goes off, so a diesel generator will make sure that your security system stays in place when you aren't there to monitor it.

How Does a Diesel Stationary Generator Work?

A stationary generator remains in the same place, although you can purchase a portable one if that suits you better. The kind of power source that you have will determine whether you need a single-phase diesel generator or a 3-phase diesel generator.

  • Burns diesel fuel: A diesel generator burns diesel fuel, which creates motion. Using electromagnets, the motion converts into electricity.
  • Fuel tank: The fuel tank needs to keep a store of diesel so that they generator can do its work.
  • Maintenance: Generator supplies are available to help you maintain your generator to a high standard to ensure seamless transitions when the power goes off.
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