Digital Photo Frames

In this time of smartphones with photographer-grade cameras embedded into them, printing has become a thing of the past, mostly because we end up with so many good ones that it ends up too exy to print every single shot. Sure, you can share them online, but there's just something about having those moments preserved in physical form around your home. Enter the digital photo frame, a device that display photos indefinitely and even boasts features like Wi-Fi connectivity and automatic photo shuffling.

Remote Controlled Digital Photo Frames

Many 15-inch digital photo frames on the market are capable of 1080p resolutions and controllable via a proprietary remote control, while others feature touch screens and their own operating systems. The remote lets you navigate the operating system, and you can rename files via the keyboard and configure settings for photo shuffling. Some digital frames are even capable of video playback and playlists, making them great for shops, homes and special events.

Wi-Fi Photo Frames

Modern LED digital photo frames are able to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and can then be configured via a mobile app. The beauty of Wi-Fi photo frames lies in their ability to tap into your cloud storage service and automatically show and shuffle the pictures in a particular folder. So all you need to do to share your recent holiday pics is to place them in the folder you've selected. Furthermore, their own internal memory can typically store up to 20,000 pictures.

Speaker Photo Frames

Convenient and versatile, these photo frames act as speaker, charger and photo frame display. One caveat is that they may only pair with music players from a particular brand, but with the array of features, they are worth looking into. Some models have built-in alarm clocks as well as up to 2 GB of internal memory.