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The ultimate summer dream is to be able to go for a spin on the water, so you just need the right vessel! We'd all love a multi-million dollar yacht, but for most of us that is fairly unlikely to become a reality. This is where the trusty, old-school dinghy comes in. You don't need a huge budget or a lot of boating experience to be able to enjoy a relaxing cruise and feel the wind in your hair. Unlike many other watercraft (such as kayaks and canoes) the dinghy does not require much skill to keep the upright, or much exertion to enjoy. Dinghies are a great family craft, being solid and sturdy but still easily portable with the right trailer. Whether you plan to take it out for a spin at the beach or on a dam or lake, a dinghy is a reliable craft that is still a lot of fun. You can also use the motor, row the dinghy or use the paddles depending on your preference. If you're not quite ready to commit to transporting such a large object, however, there are also many excellent inflatable watercraft available to view and purchase online. Whether you're after a rollicking white water adventure, a sleepy afternoon drifting about on the tranquil surface of a lake, or a day of family fun at the beach, there's bound to be something to suit you!

Buying New vs. Used

A trusty, durable dinghy is something you can easily purchase new or second-hand. Obviously you'll want to be certain that the craft is in good condition - no holes anywhere! Buying new will give you the reassurance that the motor (if there is one) is in good working order and that the craft won't have sustained any damage, but it is also a considerably larger financial outlay. A pre-loved dinghy may save you a noticeable amount of money, and as long as it has been well cared for there will be very little difference except perhaps some superficial wear and tear. Inflatable watercraft, however, you may be more inclined to buy new, to be certain that there are no punctures!