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Dishwasher hoses to fix and prevent leakages

A hose provides a flexible channel through which water can easily flow in and out of your dishwasher. If the hose is damaged, it can cause leaks that result in damage to the appliance. On eBay you will find a wide selection of hoses to suit your manufacturer's specifications, so you can make sure you have the right part.

Standard specifications

A hose that is improperly installed is a common defect that can easily be put right. Flexible ribbed plastic hoses with 21mm diameter ends are specifically designed to fit your particular make and model of dishwasher.

Most plastic outlet hoses feature durable rubber cylindrical ends that easily attach to your dishwasher and drain.

Practical tips for installation

When installing a dishwasher, hooking up the hose is pretty easy to do. On a new dishwasher, you will need to install a dishwasher hose to allow the dishwasher to drain. If you are replacing a damaged or leaky dishwasher hose, it's easy to copy the same drain hookups that you previously used. The same applies to washing machines.

The drain hose needs to pass through the air gap fitting safety device that is mounted on your sink or countertop. The safety device creates a pressure break in the drain line and prevents dirty drain water being syphoned back into the dishwasher.

An alternative option is to install the dishwasher hose using the high loop installation method. This requires the dishwasher hose to be fitted high in the sink base cabinet so that the drain line loops up above the water level.

If your dishwasher or hose is leaking, or the water isn't draining away properly after a wash cycle, it's important to check the dishwasher hose. You are likely to find a split, tear, or block in the hose. A new replacement dishwasher hose will easily fix your leakage problems.

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