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Display LCD Screen Mobile Phone Parts for Xiaomi

One of the worst experiences you can have is cracking your phone screen. Sure, the touchscreen may work, but if you can't see anything, your phone really isn't worth using. Luckily, you can get replacement displays for a number of mobile phones including many Xiaomi models. Change out the screen and it's as if your phone was brand new again.

Mobile Phone Screen Replacement

While it's not always that difficult, screen replacement is not for the faint of heart. In most cases, you have to take the phone completely apart in order to get to the screen. You will also find that you have to replace the digitiser as well as the screen, but luckily, most replacement units include both. Many replacement kits also come with tools.

Xiaomi Mi-5

While display LCD screen mobile phone parts for the Xiaomi Mi-5 are easy to come by, they can be tricky to replace. The two factors you have to pay the most attention to are the screen cables and the display itself. While you remove the screen from the front, you cannot disconnect the cables unless you go in from the rear. As the screen assembly stays on with adhesives and not screws, you need to replace the adhesive with the screen.

Xiaomi Mi-4

Display LCD screen mobile phone parts for the Xiaomi Mi-4 are just as easy to obtain as those for the Mi-5 but they are not interchangeable. However, the two designs do share the same design language and the same issues when it comes to screen replacement.


Xiaomi LCD display mobile phone parts can often make the difference between a couple of hours work and buying a whole new phone. Yes, you need a little manual dexterity and mobile phone parts, but any reasonably competent adult can replace a phone screen.

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