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Doctor Who Action Figures

Doctor Who is a popular science fiction television series about the Doctor, a time-travelling alien who journeys across the universe in a blue police box, most of the time with a companion. The Doctor regenerates after every few seasons, resulting in new actors and storylines and visual styles. Merchandise including action figures is in high demand and can vary significantly.


For Doctor Who, actions figures are available for all regenerations of the Doctor, as well as Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, the TARDIS and numerous companions of the Doctor. If purchasing a Doctor Who action figure as a gift, be sure to know which Doctor or Doctors your giftee enjoys or is aware of, as not all followers of Doctor Who have watched the series from the beginning; many only watch the new seasons, which start with the ninth Doctor.


Doctor Who action figures are available in realistic and cartoon styles. Many are plastic Doctor Who action figures. Some items from the series, such as the Doctor’s iconic Sonic Screwdriver can be purchased as a full-sized replica or as a stylised device like an electric toothbrush. Some action figures feature sound and lights. vinyl Doctor Who action figures are another popular style of action figures, featuring characters for almost every season. Pop! Vinyl action figures sometimes have different variations of a single character, including costumes from single episodes, different colours, glow in the dark capability, different props for the character to hold and more.

Collector’s items

Some people collect action figures for fun, while others are more serious collectors. Action figures that are well-preserved can be valuable. Specific episodes may have limited edition sets containing the characters and monsters from those episodes.

Other merchandise

Other Doctor Who merchandise is available including jewellry, clothing, DVDs, animated versions, soundtracks, books, graphic novels, sheet sets, mugs, and more.

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