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Snooze in comfort with a range of dog beds

Give your dog somewhere extra comfy to end a busy day with the perfect cosy dog beds, pillows or mats on eBay.

No matter what breed of dog or puppy you have, there are all sorts of shapes and differing sized beds, colours and designs to give your pooch the best possible place to snooze in comfort, whether at home, crates or in a kennel. Dog beds are also ideal for cats, kittens and other pets to snuggle into too. Team with a range of dog accessories including toys and dog bowls for a dog life to dream for.

Dog sofas

A dog sofa is made from a variety of different soft fabrics, such as velvety plush, cotton or faux fur. Excitingly, there are so many sizes and cute designs of dog bedding to choose from. Each dog sofa usually comes with removable washable covers and you can even add a dog pillow or snuggly pet cushion for extra comfort.

Dog mattresses

Ideal for any dog or a new puppy, dog mattresses are durable and tear-proof, making them excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.

Perfect for pets who love to lounge around in the sun, dog mattresses are often filled with memory foam or other soft, supportive material which adapts to your dog's shape and reduces pressure points. The anti-skid base means there's no risk of it sliding around, and the removable outer covers can simply be machine washed when dirty. Dog beds should be regularly washed to rid of dirt, insects and possible fleas.

Raised dog beds and hammocks

Trampoline dog beds and hammocks are a popular pick, with a range of contemporary designs and constructions. Perfect for use outdoors, the durable, weatherproof design makes cleaning a breeze. Just brush away the dirt and hair, rinse it over and leave it out to dry.

Chaise longue style raised pet beds are also a luxurious alternative to hammocks for use indoors, and come in a variety of colours and elegant styles. Perfect for older dogs and those with hip dysplasia or other ailments, a raised dog bed could be just the ticket.