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Dog Folding Cages

While most people allow their dogs to roam around the house at their free will, there are sometimes occasions when you need to keep them confined to an area. If you don't have a kennel then a folding dog cage is a great idea for a temporary structure that can go in storage until each time you need it. These are available in different sizes so you can find a puppy crate or a large one for bigger breed dogs.

What Can I Use a Folding Dog Crate For?

Due to their versatility, you can use a folding crate for these reasons:

  • Travel: Transporting your dog to your holiday destination is easy in a foldable crate that acts as a dog carrier. You can allow your dog to stay inside the vehicle with you but they won't be able to roam around and distract the driver. Once you get to your destination you can fold down the crate and store until you are ready to return home.
  • Vet visits: If your dog needs an operation they will need safe carrying from the vet back to your home. Once you are done at the vet, you can carry your dog in the cage and even keep him or her inside while they recover.
  • Outdoor kennel: When you don't have the need for a permanent outdoor dog kennel, you can use a folding crate as a temporary solution when you need to keep your pup outside for a while.
  • Sleeping: Making a puppy crate into a nighttime sleeping area is a great idea. This will stop your dog from roaming around the house at night when you are unable to watch them, and you can cover with a blanket to keep it dark inside.

How Do I Make My Dog Comfortable in a Folding Crate?

A dog crate is certainly not going to be as comfortable as a dog bed or couch, but there are some things you can do to make your dog more comfortable.

  • Blanket: You can fold a comfortable blanket into the bottom of the crate to provide cushioning and warmth for your dog.
  • Favourite toy: A favourite dog toy is a good idea as it can occupy your dog and provide some mental comfort.
  • Water/food: If the crate allows it, it's a good idea to add a bowl of food or water bottle so your dog can help themselves should they feel hungry.
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